This page is dedicated to the various servants in the Fate/ Catastrophic Syncretism game/s.

Operation: Horizon Breaker

The upcoming live game, set in the fictional town of Draketown in Louisiana, U.S.A. Set in the same universe as Dirge of Fuyuki, where the traditional Grail War is no longer possible due to the unprecedented desecration and destruction of Fuyuki city.

Something is brewing in America.

True Dementia

The second game played in APC. Due to events in the game, this grail war has been dramatically altered by powers beyond that of human ken. There are ‘three’ sets of heroes, all in Fuyuki city.

Standard Set

These are the original recognized servants prior to the Grail War Hijack spell.

Fate/Stay Night

As a result of the Grail War Hijack, several servants contracted to Masters from the original Fate/Stay Night franchise appear to rapidly fill in the additional slots of the grail war. Note that these may not actually be ‘canon’ servants, but they have contracted to masters from the original game/anime.

Third Set

Otherwise known as the law breakers. They consist of the third set of servants summoned as a result of ‘cheating’ via Grail War Hijack or other methods.

Dirge of Fuyuki

The first game played at APC. Test-game, basis for the standardized True Dementia System.

Shikawa’s Destiny

This grail war occurs about 200 years before Dirge of Fuyuki, during the Edo period.

Illustrado Future

The grail war that occurs/will occur in the nWoD game centered in Manila. It is a different universe from the first two lists placed here. Left open in case the players plan to partake in it after the events of Illustrado Future.

Catastrophe Syncretia

Title of the planned online game. Left open since it is in the planning stages.


One shot campaign run by fullmetalx0012


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