Father Ryuji Okabe, otherwise known simply as Okabe, is a recurring character in the Fate / Catastrophic Syncretism line of games. He is typically a priest who acts as the mediator of the Grail War, although sometimes he is just an assistant priest, or simply a bystander.


A tall, brown-skinned man with a large belly and black curly hair. He is known for having a deep voice and a creepy grin. He possesses dull, black eyes. Okabe is typically seen wearing a black priestly shirt, and a red jacket over that.


Okabe is part of a group of exorcists, who specialize in fighting supernatural beings such as vampires and demons. His status as a priest allows him access to the Church’s conceptual weapons, notably the Black Keys of the burial agency.

He is also a magus who utilizes time magic to predict immediate events, view events in the past, and set up spells at opportune moments. His study of thaumaturgy seems to specialize against other magi, as it always gives him ‘time to prepare’. Coupled with his secretive and manipulative nature, he has consistently proven to be an incredibly difficult magi to overcome. This is where his recorded thaumaturgy ends.

Denial of Probability (The Fourth Magic?)

His true ability, in addition to the combination of all facts stated beforehand, is called the ‘Denial of Probability’. As long as a desired effect is possible in a situation, he can forcefully superimpose it on reality, ‘overwriting’ it. The secret to this ability is that he can perceive other selves in adjacent timelines, who in turn can perceive him. The ‘him’, which exists in the timeline where the desired effect has come to pass, creates a beacon from which he anchors his current reality. With this skill, he can turn 1% into 100%, and simplifies all situations into bearing only two possible results: “One or Zero.”

It is unlike a reality marble in that he does not call the attention of the counter force with the desired effect – the ‘unnatural nature’ of his ability has already dissipated when he superimposed it as the new reality. As he is a being that does not stem from the natural existence of spirits or elementals, he calls the Denial of Probability ‘a Marble Phantasm of Anti-Reality’. The Denial of Probability is literally the negation of random chance or outside factors.

The limitation of this skill is that he is ‘human’. He can only see so far through the different realities, thus he may not perceive timelines where his desired reality exists. It may seem that a situation is too ‘impossible’ even for him. Thus, he has no recourse but to die from something like Arcueid Brunestud’s Marble Phantasm, being a ‘human’. The dimension in which the desired effect ‘to survive an impossible attack’ is too obscure and too far away to perceive.

Avatar of the Brown Madness

But that is where the limitation of ‘being human’ ends. His next ability is technically not his own, but that of his master, the Brown Madness. It is the ability to create a new Okabe, or ‘transfer’ a living Okabe between dimensions. It does this to create the next suitable ‘glove’ to continue its existence in this reality.

Okabe is a false being, an imaginary concept that attempts to be real. He is the Brown Madness trying to adapt to the ‘lesser’ confines of the world – a tight glove or suit, in which it operates. The existence of Okabe is one of many such gloves, as the Brown Madness exists outside the concepts of linear time and definite space. As such, he tries vainly to explain his existence and abilities via numbers, something that doesn’t exist at his root of being.

His presence seems to stem from true magic. He was created out of nothing, and possesses a false soul made out of nothing. His existence and powers depend on the existence of parallel worlds (and operating them). He is capable of time travel and manipulation, in ways above and beyond the scope of modern thaumaturgy. As such, his ability to remove probability from the equation of reality may be the Fourth Magic.


Okabe was sent over from the Manila Cathedral Rectory to serve in Fuyuki city due to his magical skills and occult knowledge. It is assumed his name is not his real name – it is in fact a shadow name that he uses to protect himself from magical assault.

Depending on the setting, he is either the final antagonist, an ineffectual side character, or both.

Dirge of Fuyuki

As mediator of the Fourth Holy Grail War, he has taken an off-hands approach during the initial stages. However, he soon helps Archer get a new master, Flanders. After the disappointing demise of Berserker, he revives the four dead masters during the first night as a new Berserker.

It is soon revealed that he was concerned about the grail reaching as much of its potential as it can. After the forfeit of the eccentric filipino reasearcher Kim, he takes his command seals. With the power of the new Berserker, he uses all of the command seals to serve as the censure for all the unruly mages in the mage war. He punished the Shikawa, Matou households, and Bonly Von Swagger.

He was killed by Kenji’s servant Assassin, but was soon replaced by another Okabe from a drifting timeline, along with Merlin.

Later on, near the end of the Grail War, he reveals that he is an agent for the living paradox existence known as Brown Madness. With the help of Merlin, he brings all the final players into the mobile realm of Stonehenge. As Merlin fights the two last servants, (and the ghost of Lemen Butten) he fights the combined effort of Flanders, Shikawa Tomoe, and Magic Man, almost killing all three of them in the process. Upon the defeat of Merlin from Archer‘s final shot, he completes the grail and brings forth the avatar of the Brown Madness, Pao’Raoh. He is willingly absorbed into Pao’Raoh as the heroes are left to decide the fate of their world.

True Dementia

In True Dementia, he is revealed to be one of the Church’s agents involved in the assassination of an eccentric heretic bishop. He reveals his judge role at the next grail war when he sees the mark and the servant of Kurohana. He then congratulates and gives her one of the relics found at the scene of the crime. He tells her that it is a relic of Artemis, which may prove useful to her servant.


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