Yagyu Jubei

The mysterious, romantic Samurai Girl

Assassin-class servant contracted to the master Mike. She was summoned using a sword’s hilt guard hidden away in the archives of the Matou estate.


A well-endowned, athletic woman in skimpy clothing, wielding a number of katanas upon various parts of her body.




Being an assassin class, she is skilled at stealth, mobility, and killing power. Although mostly directed at Masters, she has shown that she is perfectly capable of killing Servants, for even Saber had to use a lot of her prana just to endure one attack.

Noble Phantasms

Mystery Style – A


True Relic Noble Phantasm : Jubei Eye – A++

The true reason behind the legend of the eyepatch. The Yagyu line were supernatural agents of the shogun who hunted down demons and mystical enemies alike. They had the special ability to perceive magical effects and cut them down with physical force. This could be achieved with the help of their mystic eyes. These eyes also helped them adapt to attacks that normally had no ‘solution’ presented.

It is simply called ‘Jubei Eye’ as even history has no record for its existence.

Yagyu Jubei

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