The Greatest Wizard

This Caster-class servant is contracted to Okabe. He is not a participant in this Grail War. Why such a servant exists, despite the caster slot being filled, was unknown. Later it was revealed that he and Okabe are interdimensional agents who aim to win various grail wars. His purpose is to allow the existence of the living paradox Brown Madness.

Noble Phantasm – Stonehenge, Axiom of Worlds – EX

Possibly the most powerful Reality Marble based Noble Phantasm ever created, it allows the transfer of vectors to and from all real and imagined locations. This noble phantasm allows Merlin to enter other reality marbles and bounded fields of past present and future. He can then use them upon his enemies.

He usually uses a secondary Reality Marble called ‘That which tricks even Loki’ (used by the giant Utgard-Loki) to hide the fact that he’s just borrowing other reality marbles and bounded fields.

Among the Reality Marbles he has forced people to enter:

  • Code of Hammurabi – otherwise known as the Law of tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye. He disguised it as the ideal kingdom of Camelot, where justice and equality reigns. It was defeated when Saber and Archer found the law of Hammurabi in the false Castle of Camelot.
  • Sisyphean Ordeal – otherwise known as the endless punishment, He disguised it as the Noble Phantasm Sword in the Stone. Defeated when the ghost of Bonly Von Swagger volunteered to suffer for the sake of the two servants.
  • Pendragon – This is actually one of his bounded fields where he tricks two opponents to fight each other while he is utterly removed from the battle. He made his opponents look like the Dragons of his visions.

True Noble Phantasm – Mab, Court of the Fairy Queen EX

His true noble phantasm, a marble phantasm which he can only travel into via Stonehenge. It places the opponents in the gilded forest of the fairies. The mad fairy queen then condemns them to death, destroying them at her leisure. The fairies, being one of the beings closest to the true nature of magic and thaumaturgy, are able to directly attack the prana structure of noble phantasms and heroic spirits. This dangerous ability is offset by the fact that they are individually small and consume little at a time.

She is slain by the White Death, which reveals the sinister nature of this noble phantasm. As he had killed the fairy queen, the fairies begin to die out in her court. With no fairies in her court, its magic begins to wane. As its magic wanes, it consumes all the prana within it to try exist a little longer. Archer, with no means to escape the dimension, begins to fade as his prana is eaten.

Even his noble phantasm ‘White Death’ offers no respite from the death throes of the gilded court.


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