Dirge of Fuyuki

Dirge of Fuyuki is the first game run at APC. It uses a hybrid of New World of Darkness (Particularly Mage, the Awakening) and Scion : Demigod. The game concluded, with the ultimate victor being the saber team.


It is an alternate rendition of Fate/Zero, taking place in Fuyuki city. However, in this setting none of the three mage families (Matou, Tohsaka, and Einzbern) have been chosen as Masters. In addition to this deviancy, a fat, creepy priest called Okabe runs Fuyuki Church instead of the Kotomine line. The alternate setting also introduces us to another local mage family known as the Shikawa, who were not chosen by the Grail but are closely tied to the Grail War.

In this game, Servants can be further augmented by presenting relics they have owned in life to them, which unlocks more of their legend.

Key Characters

  • Graham Smith – ex-CIA Director who wanted to spice up his retired life. Abuses his connections very often, and to the extent of international ramifications.
  • Maya Sterling – London Tower Representative that helps Graham Smith for political purposes.
  • Kirov – ex-KGB Operative who becomes a mercenary, (possibly due to monetary concerns) for the von Swagger family.
  • Lucian von Swagger – Chosen son of the von Swagger family, a prestigious magus family that has participated in previous Grail Wars.
  • Lemen Butten – Retainer of Lucian Von Swagger, also an heir of the Von Swagger line.
  • Flanders Original first name unknown, Matou – Disowned son of the Matou branch family. Vows revenge upon Zouken for many frustrations suffered in childhood. Believes in the power of the common House Cockroach.
  • Magic Man – Shadow Name. From the Atlantean Orders, pretends to be a street magician. Hated by many mage organizations, remains elusive.
  • D’Artagnan – Shadow Name. From the Atlantean Orders, He is a mysterious rogue magus who serves only himself. Roped Magic Man into becoming his ally.
  • Pa Shen Xia – Ninja from a strange village in China and a dimension in the hearts of men. Also a doctor.
  • Ling-Ling – Ninja in training. Practitioner of the flaming Child Wheel.
  • Loden Hassanein – Apparently a local despite the strange name.
  • Kenji – Son of a swordsman family that serves the Matou. Became the Matou representative.
  • Unknown Character – Caused a ruckus. Then disappeared. Will return in the American Grail War.
  • Shikawa Tomoe – Not a master, but a key component of this grail war, she allied with Rider.
  • Okabe – Just read his page.


  • Saber – Contracted with Magic Man.
  • Lancer – Contracted with Lucien and then Lemen Butten of the Von Swagger line.
  • Archer – Contracted with Kirov, then a random kid, then Flanders.
  • Rider – Contracted with Graham Smith, then Maya Sterling.
  • Berserker – Contracted with Loden, was defeated.
  • Berserker – The second berserker is an amalgamation of Graham Smith, Loden, Kirov, and the random kid killed by Okabe.
  • Caster – Contracted with Pa Shen Xia.
  • Assassin – Contracted with Kenji.
  • Merlin – Contracted with Okabe.


Dirge of Fuyuki

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