Chosokabe Motochika

The Demon in the Island of Demons

This Berserker-class servant was contracted to the master Loden Hassanein. However, his master had used up all his command seals and died during their assault on the Buddhist Temple of Fuyuki. He thusly went truly berserk and used up his prana smashing himself into the field of Noli Me Tangere, and discorporated as a result.

Caster and his master Content Not Found: pa-shen-xia are credited with his demise.


A Muscular, fair-skinned man with wild hair and a loose kimono. He wields a large anchor on a chain, attached to a pole.


His mind has been reduced to a battle-hungry, child-like berserker as a result of Mad Enhancement. He likes boats and the thrill of battle, which is probably a deviation of his legend as a result of his flawed summoning.


As a Berserker, his physical battle prowess has been enhanced to an almost god-like degree, but many of his natural skills have been lost as a result.

Class Skill – Mad Enhancement – B

From a cunning, resourceful strategist, he has become a childlike warrior with monstrous strength. A lot of his natural social skills have been lost as a result.

Class Skill – Riding – A / C

He is credited as a great warrior on horseback, and has commanded fleets of ships to aid his allies during the sengoku jidai. Sadly, the ability was diminished as he became a berserker.

Personal – Battle Continuation – C / B

This has been upgraded as a result of Mad Enhancement, and because of his stubborn nature against his neighbors during his days as a warlord.

Personal – Military Tactics – B / N/A

A cunning, resourceful leader who cared deeply for his men. He was able to defend his meager pieces of land with a few soldiers. Now, this ability is lost as his mind has been diminished to a childlike state.

Noble Phantasms

Dokyuu – 9 Ships – A / B

This ability originally allowed Chosokabe to create a competent battle fleet out of the few materials he can get his hands on. However, it has been reduced to a brutally simple attack, where he materializes a fishing trawler he had touched prior to crush his opponent.

True Relic Noble Phantasm : Ch̫sokabe-shi okitegaki Р100 article code of the Chosokabe РEX

His master never got the chance to find this relic, as he depended too much on the diminished faculties of his servant to assist him in finding the proper relics of power. As a result, the true capabilities of Berserker are unknown.

Chosokabe Motochika

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