He is Beowulf

This Berserker-class servant was contracted to the master Shikawa Gentaro. It is credited as the winner of the 2nd Grail War. His use led to the development of further rules for cases that were overlooked in the planning of the grail war system.

He is currently banned from being summoned. His class is now considered the Beowulf Class.

In the alternate universe True Dementia he was summoned by Ilya von Einzbern due to Heracles being summoned by someone else.


A muscular, giant man capable of ripping lesser men apart with his bare hands. He has golden hair on his head and his chin. Though he can fight in armor, he prefers to fight stark naked. This is no laughing matter.


Being a Berserker, he screams and rips people in half all the time just for being in his line of sight. Actually, to be more accurate, that statement should have been: Being Beowulf, he screams and rips people in half all the time just for being in his line of sight. For serious.


As a Berserker, his physical prowess is nigh godlike. His mental state, however, has been reduced accordingly.

Class Skill – Mad Enhancement – EX

How Gentaro avoids getting killed by such a maddened beast of muscle, bone and anger is beyond the author’s imagination. This thing can’t be controlled with nice words and empowering speeches.

Personal – No form of Magic is immune to my fists – EX

Self Explanatory.

Noble Phantasms

Some sword he doesn’t really use – B or something.

Archer can keep it.

True Relic Noble Phantasm : Loincloth – EX

The only article of clothing he can wear without getting it ripped to shreds, or being torn off without him laying his hands on it.


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