(Previously known as the fallen master: Loden Hassanein)

Amalgam, the abomination

This Berserker-class servant is contracted to the master Kim. He was created using a forbidden ritual by Okabe, where the Grail was temporarily deprived of its power source. He feels that the ‘returns’ may be greater this time, so he gives its master a chance to participate in the war.

His real name comes from the fact that he is forged from the collective legends of the masters who died on the first night of the grail war.


A large, muscular man in Yoroi / Samurai armor. It appears he is weeping and grinning at the same time. He wields six katanas, one of which is dripping a strange sweet smelling brown liquid. The 5 others crackle and hum with energy. When it communicates, it emits a strange cacophony of grunts, squeals and howls.


A glutton. It will fight when aggravated, or when ordered by it’s master. When its master loses concentration, even a little, it will go off on its own and eat whatever it can get its hands on.


As a Berserker, its physical prowess should be of the top degree, but its mental state is non existent. It has the combined ‘legendary qualities’ of the four masters used to summon it into being.

Class Skill – Mad Enhancement – B

It has gained notable attack power and stamina as a result of its enhancement. Whatever was left of its sanity has now faded, however.

Noble Phantasms

5 elements and a chocolate bar – B

The name of his swords. What they do varies. One of his skills, however, include the legendary CHUPUL HEROIC SLASH. The strongest Katana is named Chocoryujin.

True Relic Noble Phantasm : Choco Heroic Dream – Memoirs of the Dread Night – EX

His true noble phantasm, which summons forth the legendary aspects of the masters who have been used to forge his legend. It recreates their form, making a receptacle for their souls out of chocolate. While the reality marble is active, they can repeatedly regenerate from the most lethal of blows. Their attacks also cause chocolatization, mystically lethal injury, in their foes. Also, the insignificant power of amalgam is enhanced ten times over, allowing him to go toe to toe with true servants.


Fate/ Catastrophic Syncretism Paorou