True Dementia

True Dementia is the second game in the Fate/ Catastrophic Syncretism project. It is the first true game using a standardized ruling for hero and master creation.

In the timeline of stories, it is both before and after Dirge of Fuyuki due to multiverse jumping and time manipulation being ever present in the storyline. It is the first ‘story’, if one would look at the collective timelines of the Catastrophic Syncretia series of games.


True Dementia is set in Fuyuki City, it is the 5th Grail War, 10 years after the events of Fate/Zero. As such, the setting is essentially Fate/Stay Night. However, the difference lies in the ‘first set’ of Masters that have been chosen. Type-Mars makes an appearance and is an important factor in the game.

Creation Rulings

There are certain rulings and additional stats to consider when creating your master/servant duo. (on top of the scion and nWoD systems.)

Master creation and Stats

Masters can be nWoD mages with starting 50xp, or ordinary nWoD humans with 75 exp.

A Master has an ‘effective control range’ of Gnosis+Spirit+Prime in yards, bolstered by the Servant’s epic stamina+(half of stamina+legend) in feet. Non-mage Masters have an effective range of half their Willpower in yards. A servant within this control range may perform the basic prana operation actions without expending Legend.

Servant creation and Stats

Servants must be hero level. Default Legend is 4, and bonus points still start at 15.

The Servant’s Magic Resistance (dice pool/penalty) is determined by the half of your Legend+Willpower+Integrity.


Servants must conform to the following classes:


This class is the balanced and defense-oriented knight class.

  • Favored Purviews : All Physical Attributes, Guardian, War
  • Requirements : At least one epic dot in each physical attribute, Melee 3, Athletics 2
  • Class Skill : Magic Resistance – you may use the full pool of WP+Leg+integrity as Mag. Res.


This class is the fast and offense-oriented knight class.

  • Favored Purviews : Epic Str, Epic Dex, Epic Wits, War
  • Requirements : At least one epic dot in Str, Dex and Wits, Melee 3, Athletics 3.
  • Class Skill : Attack Bonus – When attacking, you may add a +4 dice bonus to hit, or to damage.


This class is the ranged and mobile knight class.

  • Favored Purviews : Epic Str, Epic Dex, Epic Per, Epic Wits, Psychopomp
  • Requirements : At least one epic dot in Str or Dex, then another epic dot in either Per or Wits, Marksmanship or Thrown 3, Athletics 2, Awareness 2
  • Class Skill : Independent Action – You may perform [4+(half of stamina)+epic stamina bonuses] Prana operation actions outside of your Master’s effective range at no prana cost.


This class specializes in using mounts and have skills other classes don’t normally possess.

  • Favored Purviews : Epic Dex, Epic Manip, Epic Charisma, Epic Wit, Animal (Any), Psychopomp
  • Requirements : At least one epic dot in any epic Attribute listed above, Control 3. Must have a birthright (Follower, Creature, or Animal) that works as a mount of at least 3 dots.
  • Class Skill : Noble Phantasm Bonus – You immediately have 4 bonus dots you can use for noble phantasm birthrights.


This class casts magic, and specializes in supportive actions.

  • Favored Purviews : All non-epic boons
  • Requirements : Occult 3, Magic 1, Possess at least one boon in three different Purviews.
  • Class Skill : Territory Creation – you may establish a powerbase within Fuyuki city, and spend birthright points to grant powers within its borders. Territories are considered to be within ‘control range’, whether the master is present or not.


This class is known for brute strength and its difficulty to control.

  • Favored Purviews : All Physical, Epic Appearance (negative)
  • Requirements : Berserkers spend one additional legend point for Prana Operation actions.
  • Class Skill : Mad Enhancement – At character creation, you may sacrifice attribute points in Mental into berserker points. These berserker points are bonus points that can be used to raise a physical attribute or epic attribute to a value above the hero limitation. (But only by one dot.)


A stealthy class that favors adaptability and being able to blend in with its surroundings.

  • Favored Purviews : All Epic Attributes, Darkness.
  • Requirements : Stealth 3, Larceny 3.
  • Class Skill : Presence Concealment – A passive supernatural skill that adds 4 bonus dice to all stealth and larceny rolls. Allows them to reflexively roll dex+stealth to hide their spiritual particles from Prana expenditure.

Game Rulings

These are the various game rulings for the new standardized true dementia system.

Prana Operation Actions

Servants use prana every time they act in the material world. They expend more prana when they do certain actions, skills or Noble Phantasms. This reflects with the expenditure of Legend Points. However, there are certain actions that do not have that expenditure if they are within the range of the Master’s Effective Control (see above). These are called the Prana Operation Actions.

Whenever they do such actions, they instantly expel spirit particles that essentially reveal their presence to sensitive mages and servants nearby. Even hiding their true form must be done discretely, as it expels telltale signs of their nature. Only Assassins may effectively hide this phenomenon due to their class skill.

Even without legend, heroes may still undergo such actions, dealing bashing damage to themselves. Note that heroes do not heal if they do not possess at least one point of Legend. (Legend is restored at a rate of one point per day. Having relics expressly related to the hero may increase this rate.)

Here are a list of the Basic Prana Operation actions:

  • Start Battle – 1 – To start battle is to prepare the spiritual core for strenuous activity.
  • End Battle – 1 – Disengaging or ending a battle usually reveals how much prana has been lost.
  • Hide True Form – 1 – Heroes may hide noble phantasms or their status as Heroic Spirits.
  • Reveal True Form – 1 – Requires an expenditure of prana to remove the illusion.
  • Dematerialize (Entering Spirit Form) – 1 – A cost efficient way of hiding your servants.
  • Materialize (Leaving Spirit Form) – 1 – You require prana to give them form.
  • Instantly cure one level of Bashing damage – 1 – Once per turn.
  • Instantly cure one level of Lethal damage – 2 – Once per turn.
  • Instantly cure one level of Aggravated Damage – 3 – Once per turn.


In this form, servants are essentially formless spirits existing in twilight. As such, their epic abilities and relics do not work. They may utilize certain boons, however limited, in twilight.

Once dematerialized, they can perceive other beings in twilight, be it ghost, spirit or something else entirely. They may also engage in spirit battle, although it is more drawn out and wasteful than materializing.

True Dementia

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