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Fate/ Catastrophic Syncretism

This wiki is dedicated to a fan-made spinoff of the Fate/Stay Night franchise, which crosses over with the setting of Mage the Awakening and various other media. (such as Hellboy, Bourne Supremacy, James Bond, etc.) The game is run by Paorou with his friends, although he may run an online version soon.

The tabletop games use a homebrew hybrid of New World of Darkness, and Scion. (particularly for Servants and their magical followers) This wiki contains house rulings with regards to the grail war system, which is a bit different from the grail war rules from the original franchise.

The online versions may use a modified Wushu system.

Current games are: reWrite, Horizon Breaker.


  1. Grail Wars
  2. Masters
  3. Servants
  4. Locales
  5. Rulings
  6. Characters

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