Joan of Arc

The Maiden of Orleans

Saber-class servant contracted to the master Magic Man. With the help of the unscrupulous mage D’Artagnan, She was summoned using the pommel of a sword said to be owned by Charlemagne.


A young, european girl with short wavy blond hair. Although she has the appearance of a warrior, her stature and build are that of an ordinary peasant-girl. She is constantly in armor, and will wear men’s clothing otherwise. There is an aura of serenity and purpose about her.


Pious, serious and utterly loyal to her master, who she believes represents the ‘Will of God’. However, she still is able to correct her master in various matters, and is willing to train him when she realizes he’s too weak to protect himself. Despite her ‘warrior woman’-like appearance, she is a gentle and reserved speaker.

She has the personality of a typical young girl when she isn’t receiving any visions or preparing for a fight. She particularly likes pretty things, like flowers, and doesn’t like violence. She also bemoans having to wear armor outside battle, saying that she’s forced to do it because of ‘practical reasons’. (One of them being her master’s advances)

She is a very capable warrior, despite her naivety when it comes to lives. She refuses to kill humans or (natural) animals. She claims that since ‘Heroic Spirits’ are already dead, she doesn’t consider ‘killing’ them as murder.


Being a Saber Class, she possesses impressive melee combat skills. Even though she claims to just be an ordinary girl, her skills are magnified by her status as a hero and a saint. Although she abhors the idea of murder, she is very capable of protecting herself in a fight. She also has inhuman strength, allowing her to send multiple opponents flying with just one stroke.

Despite her death being burned at a pyre, fire is not her weakness. She claims that ‘fire made me immortal’. As a result, she is immune to fire and can even manipulate it. (She claims it is a gift of St. Michael the Archangel)

Class skill – Magic Resistance – A

Due to her pious and saintly nature, her resistance to magic is incredible. It is powerful to the point that she can only be truly affected by magic if the the caster possesses supporting abilities that lessen this resistance. (such as Iconoclast and other weakening abilities)

Personal – Revelation – N/A

The ability of precognition, given to her as visions from Heaven. She can perceive events that are happening outside her knowledge. Although she normally does not have control of what she sees, it usually is invaluable information linked to her victory. It is also by this ability that she believes she is doing ’God’s Work’ and thus can work with the amoral Magic Man.

Personal – Saint – N/A

Solidifying her role as ‘messenger’, she may grow wings and receive a burning halo. In effect, becoming a figure akin to St. Gabriel, the messenger of Heaven. This form inspires awe and fear in her foes. It also slightly obscures her true nature, which may fool foes into thinking she is an angel.

Personal – Charisma N/A

Enough to mend Magic Man’s amoral ways, and prevent people from having hostile intentions against her. She’s that likeable as a person. Also, people easily accept the truth behind her ‘visions’, even without basis.

Noble Phantasms

Sword of Fierbois – Divine Comet-steel Chauvachee – B

The ancient sword said to be owned by Charlemagne’s father, kept until a hero would save France. It is said to be a sword of Omens when it was broken. Other aspects of her Legend have merged with the blade, allowing her to wield the fire of Heaven. (Saint Michael’s Chauvachee) Although she has not killed a man in her life, she may use this aspect of her weapon to destroy and annihilate enemy supernatural creatures or servants.

La Pucelle – the Maiden’s Standard – A

Her true Noble Phantasm, a conceptual weapon forged from the hopes of the french people and the means to achieve it. It serves as a divine lance that does not kill, but assures a swift, decisive victory.

The true ability of this noble phantasm is to serve as a beacon for the Throne of heroes, a beacon that extends beyond time and space. She can summon other Servants, famous french Knights who decided to put trust in her divine guidance, despite her being nothing more than an ordinary girl. They serve as her true offensive force, since she maintains that she is but a ‘messenger’. However, they disappear after a few turns as the Grail War’s enchantments correct themselves.

True Relic Noble Phantasm : La Pucelle – The Standard-Bearer Maiden chosen by Destiny EX

If the remains of her ‘true relics’ are brought before her, she unlocks two more abilities linked to La Pucelle. This comes from the fact that she used three different standards in her battles rather than only one.

The Lady Receiving Lilies from Heaven The first unlocked ability is to call forth the legend of all her victories, which symbolize the hope and faith of her people. This allows her to instantly restore her legend pool once per battle. This is represented by a dazzling vision of the armies of France wreathing her form. Sometimes, angels can be seen in this wreath of energy. This ability must be activated before the second ability is utilized.

Pennon of Christ, Crucified After spending a turn in prayer, the energy gathered from her first true ability is turned into a single point of force. This blow is enough to destroy any fortress or Servant unlucky to be on the receiving end of such an attack. If the three servants summoned by the default Maiden’s Standard are present, they are converted into a pure force of legend. This makes the power burst all the more lethal, capable of destroying anything short of the Gates of Heaven. The drawback is that her legendary knights can no longer be summoned for the remaining duration of the Grail War.

Joan of Arc

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