Horizon-Breaker Factions

This page is dedicated to the factions present in the upcoming game, Operation: Horizon Breaker.

Non-supernatural Factions (at least in appearance)

  • Draketown Municipality – covers police, government people, etc.
  • Goodshop – A big supermarket chain, they own the large GreatMall and the GoodBeach Draketown Seaside Mall.
  • Divine Ridge Homeowners – An association of the older, wealthier landowners in the exclusive Divine Ridge ‘village’.
  • Draketown Seeker Ministry – A protestant sect born locally. Most ‘old’ families in Draketown belong, at least nominally, to this protestant ministry.
  • St Michael Parish – A catholic parish actually established very recently. Have a small, but growing Church. Many locals take issue with its full name, ‘Shrine of St. Michael, Dragonslayer’.
  • Firebreathers – A local, aging biker gang, that is actually pretty laid back. However, there is talk of them having more violent days back then.
  • Dragons of Draketown – The local LARP Community. They also cover other geek hobbies, such as video games, cards, etc.
  • Draketown Fishermen Association – Although it says ‘Fishermen’, they’ve grown to encapsulate the Boatmen, Sailors, and Ferrymen who live in the area.
  • Beachfront Ballers – Although they seem to be a street gang, they’re more like a party-going bunch responsible for many of the big parties at the seaside bars near Draketown Shore.

Human Conspiracies

  • CIA – Self-explanatory. they are a conspiracy in this game because they possess supernatural capabilities/assets that they would never admit to the public.
  • Illuminati – Related to the C.I.A.
  • Malleus Maleficarum – ‘Demon Hammer’. Supernatural hunters secretly endorsed by the Vatican.
  • The Long Night – A compact of fundamental Christian Hunters, with branches all over the world.
  • Ashwood Abbey – A compact of people who ‘deal’ with supernatural creatures – have a bad reputation of being hedonists.

Mage Factions

  • Mage Association – Pretty much same with the Nasuverse. Concerned with Akasha and protecting the secrets of Magecraft.
  • Atlantean Orders – The biggest, most diverse, and (they claim) the most ancient Mage group. They have wider, more overreaching goals, particularly those concerning how mages interact with the world. They claim that ATLAS and the Clocktower are just overgrown outcroppings that diverged from this order. Ejected from Euroasia, they set up their base in America.
  • Church Executors – Although they are nominally against mages, the irony is that this branch of the Church’s Hunters happen to practice magic, and other occult arts. They are kept secret even from the Malleus Maleficarum.

Other Supernatural Factions

Horizon-Breaker Factions

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