Horizon Breaker

Operation : Horizon Breaker is the name of the upcoming Grail War Game to be run by paorou . It is set 10 years after the destructive Dirge of Fuyuki, in the fictional township of Draketown located in the state of Louisiana, USA.

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10 years after the calamity that led to the complete destruction of Fuyuki City, known as The Dirge, the world has already been sufficiently fooled into forgetting what truly happened there. Mages of the old and fabled London Tower can no longer recreate the ‘Grail War’, and thus have decided to seal the truth of its operation forever. Thus, the case was closed on the pursuit for “Heaven’s Feel”.

… And yet, across the Atlantic Ocean, ancient scrolls are being opened and studied. In sterile offices and quiet halls, files and handbooks are being sent and received. Arms are prepared, cameras are set up, and men start to move towards a city on the southern coast, known as ‘Draketown’.

They all utter one phrase : “Horizon Breaker”.

A New Grail War begins.

Horizon Breaker

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