Deimos Peninsula Resort

The Deimos Peninsula Resort projects were a planned 5-star resort, amusement park and residential area for the rich and famous, taking up most of the Conquistador’s Landing Coast of Draketown. It began construction in the 80s, owned by the company Deimos Peninsula. When the company went bankrupt in 1993, construction stopped and the land was left abandoned. The large piece of coast has been up for sale since then, but for various reasons, no one has taken the offer.

Three roads go through the Deimos Peninsula Resort Projects, one of which is the main road that leads to the Brandished Sword Lighthouse. The residential area is said to have been where the Vinecastle Estate once stood.

Notable Structures and Geography

Since Construction has stopped and the land has been abandoned, various structures still dot the Conquistador’s Landing Coast. While fenced and marked as private property, the lack of security in the area has made it possible for many curious souls to traverse the area.

The most popular structures are the following:

The (Red) Pulse

This large, tower-like structure stands at the center of the unfinished Amusement Park at about 50 meters high. It is colored a chrome red, and has pylons sticking out of the sides. Due to its lack of any additional details, other than the large neon light signage at the top, no one can say for sure what kind of attraction it is. The (Red) portion of the name signage has particularly been shattered and obscured by environmental erosion. Explorers have noted that it is hollow inside with rails like that of a roller coaster. It also has some sort of machine room at the bottom, indicating that it is an automated ride of some sort.

The Vinecastle Residences

The Residence Project ended almost just after it started, and only seven house foundations were laid. People noted that there are many excavations left open in the area, and that some of these excavations have revealed older structures in the dirt. However, since these older structures seem to have been crushed or buried after their destruction, their original forms and thus their nature cannot be accurately surmised as of yet.

The Portal Hub

The only portion of the Resort that approached completion. The Portal Hub is a large, oval structure (when viewed from the sky) that has an open-air courtyard in the middle. It is a hotel and considered the main resort, being the next to the actual beach. It has various smaller structures that supplement it, possibly for maintenance and storage. As of now, it is empty, with half of the rooms still retaining their bedding and furniture. the rest have been locked away in a small warehouse near the Resort’s personal port.

Camp Relico

This small camp that is located further inland was supposed to be an alternative recreation, for those who wanted to experience Draketown’s forests. Only 3 log cabins were made. It now serves as an aging, defunct security outpost. Only one old security guard stays here, already treating it as his home.

Deimos Peninsula Resort

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